AT THE FEET OF PINTY - Sampla Footwear


Pinty’s witty wordplay and effervescent club sound take influence from the introspective poetry of The Streets, the downbeat moods of King Krule and the jazz tinged house tones of production partner Maxwell Owin.
  1. What made you want to become a musician? Not sure, It's very hard to pinpoint but at one. I definitely had a feeling that I wanted the world to know what I was thinking, saying or feeling.
  2. What is the story behind the (stage) name Pinty? It wasn’t a stage name to begin with! It was a nickname that came from me drinking milk daily at school, then a graffiti tag, then stage name.
  3. At what point did you know you were destined to MC? From when I discovered rap I always dreamed of it but when I got my brother's mix-tape it dawned on me that I could give it a go. 
  4. Describe how you find your creative flow? Creative flow comes and goes, these days I get a lot of music sent over and most of the time when I listen to it - it usually sparks creativity and gives me ideas. I try to absorb as much art and people as possible these days. 
  5. Which current artist do you like listening to and why? I’ve been listening to these guys called 4am Kru, Cor Blimey JUNGLE IS BACK and I'm full force, absolute bangers - authentic jungle, London in four minutes. 
  6. How did you and King Krule start together and can we expect any project from you both again in the future? King Kruley is a good friend and we met in school when we were 15, I see him quite regularly so I'm sure we’ll work on something again. The next project I'm doing is working with a load of electronic producers, which is going to be interesting. 
  7. What were your first thoughts of our elppá in Rose? The shoes are banging, I love them and I have worn them at a few gigs already, I like them as they seem to be a perfect mix of shoes/trainers. Ironic that I found out recently that I am allergic to apples, but I don't hold any resentment and glad to see that I can wear them and they don't make my mouth itchy.
  8. Do you have any music in the pipeline and where can we see you perform next? My next project is a big collaboration with some great artists, I’m also on tour next year so come see a Pinty, hopefully I’ll be in the Emerald isle soon.

A big thank you to Pinty, who wears our model elppá in Rosé. They are made from apple leather and sustainable materials. Click on the image below to check them out. 


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