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elppá - Comeragh Sunset - Appleskin™

elppá - Comeragh Sunset - Appleskin™

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Product Details

Rethinking the classic white tennis shoe, the upper material of our shoe is made from a vegan material called AppleSkin™.

On the lateral side of the model, Sampla is embossed using gold foil with our shamrock logo neutrally embossed on the heel tab. This classic silhouette was responsibly hand produced by artisans in Portugal. Nice, simple, sustainable and made to last.


About Appleskin™:

Made from apples and innovative materials. Appleskin™ is an innovative material that is 100% vegan. It’s produced by re-purposing leftover apple waste from the juice industry in Bolzano, Northern Italy.

The apple core, pips and skins are dried and milled to a fine apple powder. Then it’s applied to a tear-resistant woven roll with cotton fabric.

Organic pigments are added to the brown fabric, producing colours of choice. Our shoes are made from a vegan material called AppleSkin™. These rolls are heated and given an added protective layer to produce a weather-resistant durable fabric. We are left with a material that is breathable, durable, and of course, 100% vegan.

Handmade Midsoles / Recycled Insoles:

It is important that we use responsibly sourced natural rubber. We also understand that durability is key. We combined performance alongside our core values. To incorporate the sustainable materials we need, we eliminated the idea of using molded soles and handcrafted each sole individually. The shock-absorbing soles are made using a combination of crepe rubber along with PU. 


They are also produced in Portugal and based close to our manufacturing site, further reducing the carbon footprint within the supply chain. The insoles are removable and cushioned. They’re comfortable with a smooth finish and made using recycled PU materials from the automotive industry. The recovered PU leftovers have been thankfully saved from landfill. 

Organic Cotton Laces:

Our laces are made from organic cotton in Portugal. It is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This has a lower impact on the environment, it is safer for the cotton farmers who grow it and us as consumers who wear it.

 About Our Packaging:

All of our packaging in fully manufactured 3km from our manufacturing facility in Portugal. It is fully recyclable and contains 0% plastic carrying the FSC certification. Our boxes double as a delivery box and are compact, which ensures that the maximum quantity can be transported by our courier at ease. 

Production Details

Irish design, crafted in Europe. We are proud that our shoes are made in artisan workshops, not sweatshops. It is important to us that everyone involved receives a fair wage and has a comfortable working environment with humane working hours. We contacted a small family-owned, traditional artisan shoe workshop based on the suburbs of Braga, Portugal. The small workshop also allows us to build personal relationships with the artisans on the production floor. The experienced team are detail orientated and they carefully craft each shoe with great precision.


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